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We provide authenticate and scientific Vastu Consultation for Home, Office, Construction site, Hotels and many more. With the aim to eliminate all forms of negative environmental stress and Vastu defects to generate positive transformations ..........................


An Indepth Training which offers a detailed and structured course on Vastushastra by personalized or Online training centers which provides perfectly scientific and professional consultancy and teaching services in Vastushastra, Rudraksha, Gems ......................


We are highly specialized in correcting all forms of complex Vastu Defects by offering best Vastu Remedies without Structural Demolition by means of Vastu-focused positioning and placement as well as perfect synchronization with the 5 elements of nature

Vastu Consultant Services For

  • Vastu Consultant for Home / House / Flat / Bungalow

  • Vastu Consultant for Office / Corporates

  • Vastu Consultant for Shop

  • Vastu Consultant for Factory

  • Vastu Consultant for Industry

  • Vastu Consultant for Hotel / Resorts

  • Vastu Consultant for Redevelopment Projects

  • Vastu Consultant for Planning and Designing as per Vastushastra for Interior and Exterior of Flat / House / Office.

Specialized and Personalized Courses

Best Vastu Shastra Remedial Products

Best Vastu Consultant in India - M/s. Vastu Samruddhi

Passion in Creating New Spaces as Per Vastu Science

At Vastu Samruddhi, we have developed a system based on the science of VastuShastra that balances the five elements & eight directions in new and existing structures.

We cater to comprehensive Vastu Planning & Designing as well as deliver guidelines for all the processes from the selection of site to the construction of building along with orientation of rooms and the restrictions or passage of various natural elements like light, winds etc. The main goal of our Vastu Planning & Designing is to enhance health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.
Our methodical procedure in Vastu Planning and Designing consist of Selection of Plot/Site, Plot/Site visit & Analysis with corrective measures, Project layout, Floor plans, Interior layout and Remedial Measures for Vastu defects.
Activate your Body & Vastu Chakras @ Vastu-Tatva-Yog


Our onsite vastu consultations aim is to provide you with a high quality, accurate, authenticate & effective professional Vastu Services at your door step.


Quick & easy way to Skype with Expert, Shilpa Mam, who will answer all of your questions and help you redesign your space. (Skype ID- vastu-samruddhi)


We also Respond to your important mail regarding Vastu (Existing Or New Property Purchase) and Tips related to it, you can email us any time.

Meet Us Personaly

Meet us personally with a floor plan of your home or business and Date of Birth with Prior Appointment at (+91) 8879083597


Online Vastu Courses

VSDC offers a detailed and structured course on Vastushastra by Personalized or Online training centers which provides perfectly scientific and professional consultancy and teaching services in Vastushastra, Rudraksha, Gems ...

Aura Chakra Analysis Report

I invite you to get in touch for a personal consultation where I will determine which Chakra of yours needs attention and will suggest Rudraksha and Gemstone combination to help you achieve Health, Empowerment and Success.

FREE Consultation for Your Child

Helping your child to grow to full potential by solving issues related to Focus, Concentration, Grasping Power, Aggression, Physical illness, suicidal tendencies, competitive pressure. etc.


Angel Healing Therapy

I invite you for Two-days Angel Healing Workshop. Most Beneficial to release fears or other emotional blocks, recieve guidance about your life purpose and other issues and heal your body and life. The guardian angels and archangels

Reiki Attunement

Any one with a sincere desire can learn Reiki by receiving attunements. Reiki is not taught but is transferred by a Reiki Master, during an attunement process. Levels of attunement – 1st Degree | 2nd Degree | 3rd Degree | Reiki Master

Crystal Healing Therapy

I Invite you for Two Days Crystal Healing workshop, which is a skill of laying on stones (crystals and gems) in harmonization with the body’s energy field, energy centers and energy pathways.


Chakra Therapy

I invite you for Two-days Chakra Therapy Workshop. Chakras are the energy centers in an individual’s body. Imbalances and blockages in Chakras lead to various physical and mental ailments.

Meditation Workshop

Meditation is a art of looking inside and discovering one's own inner being. Meditation leads us not only to totally new inner experiences, but helps us to transform our day-to-day life into better, more meaningful , more fulfilling existence.

Rudraksha Ratnashastra Therapy

I Invite you for Two Days Rudraksha Ratnashastra workshop its combination Works in a Holistic manner to heal your deep-seated blockages on the physical, mental and emotional level

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