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Ten Mukhi from Nepal

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha represents Dasavatar; the Narayan incarnation of Lord Vishnu. They are useful in addressing hormonal imbalances in body and mind. It protects the wearer from black magic, evil spirits and averts untimely death. Fear of ghosts and unknown gets eliminated. It has blessings of Lord Krishna too therefore considered very powerful.

Lord Krishna


“Aum Hreem Namah Namah” “Sri Naraanye Namah” “Sri Vishnavai Namah”


  • Ten mukhi Rudraksha cures various diseases related to sex organs and medical issues such as impotency and infertility.
  • It also reduces anxiety, worries, back pain and psychic attacks.


  • Ten mukhi Rudraksha gives the energy of creation and perseverance to the wearer.
  • It works as a shield on the wearer’s body and drives away the negative and evil energy.
  • It pacifies the negative influence and afflictions of all the nine planets in general.


  • Ten mukhi Rudraksha works on unblocking and balancing of Swadisthana chakra (Sacral chakra).
  • If blocked, it causes the fear of living, worthlessness and resentment.
  • Most of sexual organ diseases are related to this chakra. Also sexual issues such as impotence, frigidity and infertility come under this chakra.


  • One must discard Rudraksha if defiled by worms, cut and broken and have cracks.
  • One must look for the healthy, lustrous Rudraksha having natural hole and thorny bead.
  • Big sizes Rudrakshas are better than the smaller ones.
  • The mukhis/lines should be clearly visible and well defined


  • To wear the right Rudraksha one must know which one is the most suitable Rudraksha for him/her. Also knowing the right product is crucial like wearing single or combination of Rudraksha or wearing it as bracelet or necklace on wrist or upper arm. Correct Stringing of Rudraksha is cardinal.

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn with silk or cotton threads. Vastu Samruddhi Spiritual Centre specialises in making bracelets of Ten Mukhi Rudraksha in silver, gold and panch-dhatu. Wearing ten mukhi Rudraksha of Nepal origins is recommended for enhanced benefits and results.

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