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The Some of the most tested and logical proven Techniques used by Vastu Samruddhi 

Space Extension Technique

Amplifier Technique

Enlightening Technique

Activity Relocation Technique

Space Mantra Technique

Elemental Strip Technique

16 Samruddha Vastu Technique

No-where in ancient Vastu texts it is clearly mentioned how a Dustbin affects any one life. this has been developed out of persistent observations and applications based on the 4-Step method of Vastu Samruddha, which stresses on the purpose and use of an object whose effects are to be checked.

Dustbin is an object which you use to throw all that is useless in your life. so it is a symbol of useless things worthy of being thrown out from your life. that forms the basis on which if affects your life, as has been observed in thousands of documented Vastu Samruddhi case studies.

Finding Vastu Consultant in Mumbai /Navi Mumbai, India, Abroad.

Selection of the consultant should always be on your instinct. Avoid who uses superstitious theory. Vastu is all about the type of vibrations, element harmony, the flow of energy, location and also directions.
Vastu Consultant Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Seawoods, Darave, Belapur, Ulwe, Dronagiri, Panvel & Nerul., Vastu Consultant Click here for services offered.

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