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Why You must Welcome Adversity

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How many of you complain when you are getting success and positive outcomes in life? And what happens when you are faced with a situation that you consider “difficult” or “unpleasant”? following story will explain my point. One day, a construction manager standing on the 6th floor of a building wanted to speak to a […]

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Are you looking for a Soul Mate?

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So many singletons on this planet are looking out for a special someone, but without success. If you are one of those frustrated with forever waiting and wondering what is wrong with you, this post has come in time to help you. Correct your Belief system Before you start looking for a soul mate, clean […]

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Types of Meditation: Why Meditate?

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 In olden days, people practiced meditation to find enlightenment, their true Self. In today’s fast-paced world where we are surrounded by material comforts and everyone is busy chasing their dreams, one might think: why meditate? What is the use? The simple answer is that meditation is the best way to still your mind and increase […]

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Divine Lessons of Union

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Whether you admit it or not, most people are facing problems in relationships today. It is often a question of balance. Either you end up giving too much of yourself in a partnership/love relationship or you allow others to take advantage of you. Or find yourself being cheated. How does one have divine unions with […]

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Basic Yoga for Beginners

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Hatha Yoga is a branch of Yoga that deals with a comprehensive set of physical postures and exercises to stimulate flow of energy in the body and balance the Chakras. Yoga is India’s gift to the world. It has become the most popular form of physical exercise that people all over the world perform to […]