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Long Distance Vastu Consultation:


Long-distance Vastu consultation are a very convenient and quickest way to avail Vastu Services for your home, office, apartment, flat or a villa. We all are well connected with smart communication gadgets, and hence consultation is very easier and more accurate for both of us.

Remote analysis for Residence (Home /House/Flat) If you are buying  or renovating a house, our online Vastu analysis will guide you step by step in very simple process. Our Team of Vastu Samruddhi has professionally conducted  thousands of consultation all over the world. A professional report including a chart, diagram, images and explanation makes it easy to understand and implement without any technical skill.

Remote analysis for work space (Office/ Shop / Showroom) A harmonious and balanced work space helps people to feel inspired, motivated and productive. Corporates are now seeking Vastu consultations to  make their  business successful and to stay successfully ahead. Modern offices can easily incorporate Vastu elements in their design. Vastu Shastra is simple and effective way to promote prosperity and good fortune for your new or current business. Vastu suggest specific space for Directiors, CEO, Exectuives,and also other staff.

In order for us to conduct Long Distance Vastu Consultations Online, We need the following information:-

A. Floor plan or Rough sketch with measurement ( with accurate directions) of the site or Architect’s or builder’s Floor Plan.

B. Birth Details of Family Members residing or going to reside in that premises. (Details like – Date of Birth, Birth Time, Birth Place)

C. A brief note about the surrounding of the site i.e. road, trees, river, mountain, lifts, staircase, religious places etc.

D. Photographs of the site covering the important area, most of all from four sides.
Provide as much as information about the site you can. By utilizing detailed questionnaires, accurate floor plans, compass directions and also video & photographs. Team Vastu Samruddhi will analyze your space and provide you with a detailed report with suggestions on how to correctly implement vastu rules into your space.

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Vastu report will focus on the following important area:-

Vastu Consultation
  • Detailed Astro – Vastu Layout 
  • A Strength of the premises according to Astro-Vastu
  • Astro-Vastu cures for defects if any
  • Improving a space for more prosperity and  harmony
  • Internal placements
  • Surrounding vastu
  • Energizing specific area requiring more attention
  • Astro-Vastu element Bar chart as well as  Zonal Chart
  • Using colors for harmony and positive vibrations
  • Astro-Vastu Remedies recommendation without Demolition or Breakages

We are always there to assist you after consultation if you have any queries in relation to the property you have consulted. Most noteworthy, we always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

Team Vastu Samruddhi  has conducted long distance remote Vastu Shastra Consultations for our clients in major cities of India as well as overseas clients from Australia, Malyasia, Canada, Kenya, Nepal, Nairobi, Hongkong, Singapore, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Bangkok, Pattaya (Thailand), London(UK), Mexico, Switzerland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Houston, California, New Jersey, San Diego,(USA), Pakistan, Colombo, Sri Lanka, France, Spain, Europe, China etc.


Long Distance Vastu Consultation Charges – Fees for Vastu services by E-Mail :-


Fees for Long Distance Email Vastu Consultation services are based on the size of the space (square feet) and what needs to be addressed in the analysis.

Contact to get a quote for our fees.

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